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Summit 2014 March 26-30 in San Diego

The Path Ahead Workshops

Teaching IA: A Round Table Discussion

Today’s students of IA will be the ones to forge the path ahead in the years to come. Karen McGrane’s 2013 closing keynote called for a doubling down on IA and this not only includes how we sell and position our practice in the marketplace but also how we educate our next generation of learners.

Following the enormous success of the 2013 Academics and Practitioners Round Table, this year we will extend the conversation to “Teaching IA”

  • What and how should we be teaching students of IA?
  • How do we mature the practice of IA through education?
  • How do we bridge practice, theory and education?
  • What does the field as a whole require from education? This includes businesses, agencies, academia and the community of practice.
  • What is the full breadth of IA education? When does it end? And how could we co-ordinate its development?

The workshop will take the form of short, ignite style presentations by authors whose papers have completed a formal double-blind peer review process. Following this, academics and practitioners will be brought together to explore key issues central to the teaching of IA.

Those attending the workshop will benefit from deep discussion, lively debate and co-design sessions that explore the intersection of education, practice and theory. More specifically, you’ll take away:

  • A deep knowledge of the current global state of IA education
  • Contemporary theoretical positions and case studies on teaching IA
  • An understanding of what is required to challenge and develop the field of IA through education
  • Models for the critique of IA produced both for students and practitioners
  • Definition of what we should be teaching from and for the field of IA
  • Innovative approaches to teaching IA

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