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Summit 2014 March 26-30 in San Diego

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Information Architecture Essentials

Are you responsible for a product or service that has to make sense across multiple channels, devices, or places? Maybe you’re figuring out where and how to integrate new capabilities into an existing website or mobile application?

If you’re ever having to determine what things are, where they should go, and how they should connect to everything else, you need information architecture.

This new workshop, presented by the Information Architecture Institute, will show you the ropes: what IA is, how you go about it, and what are the main tools and techniques that information architects use to make things more findable and understandable.

The workshop will balance theory and practice, with roughly equal time devoted to presentations, open discussion, and hands-on, practical exercises you can use in your projects. It’s appropriate for practitioners who have been doing IA-related work and want to learn more, as well as those who are new to IA practice.

Space is limited, so register today for this workshop and the conference.

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