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Summit 2014 March 26-30 in San Diego

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On Site Guide to the #IAS14

Did you know that there are over 2000 hours of content to consume at this year’s Information Architecture Summit? We know. We know. “But I will never figure out what to see and when?”—don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your fear of missing out.   Everyone who has looked at our amazing lineup of 80 […]

What it’s like to be a first-timer at the IA Summit

Being a first-timer at just about anything is scary, and when you’re attending your first IA Summit, it can feel a little bit like barging into a family reunion, unsure of your welcome. (At least that was how it felt when I got to my first Summit.) But through both formal efforts like the first-timer […]

Reflections on the IA Summit, from longtime attendees

For many in the UX community, the IA Summit is the one conference that they can’t miss. We’re proud and honored to have attendees who have been to 5, or 8, or even all 14 previous IA Summits. So what keeps them coming back year after year? We asked some veteran Summit-goers for their thoughts. […]

Better Living Via Karaoke & Confetti Firepower

For the fifth time in about as many years, the IA Summit is hosting an informal karaoke get together on Saturday night. As always, I’m honored to host. It will begin as a friendly, fun, and safe activity. Then it will veer into “wonderfully out of hand” territory, and finally conclude with more smiles than […]

Poster Night: everything you need to know about participating

The ever-popular Poster Night is returning to the 15th annual Information Architecture Summit on Friday March 28th. We’d love for you to be part of it. About Poster Night In academia, and at the IA Summit, “posters” are exhibits that visually communicate a complex idea or concept. It’s sort of a grown-up take on the […]

All you need to know about our community review process

In the 15th year of the IA Summit, we received the most proposals we have ever seen: 416! Luckily, 100 people have volunteered their time and will blind review around 15 proposals each. In line with our commitment to transparency, we’ll cover the Frequently Asked Questions about our process in this post. What’s the overall […]

Seven days left to submit a talk

ZOMG people. You only have seven precious days to carefully consider your proposals for the upcoming IA Summit. So to help out, we borrowed some content from last weekend’s proposal-writing webinar. Great Talks Start with Great Presentations was an opportunity for future proposal submitters (that means you, we hope) to hear expert advice from seasoned […]

Meet Team #IAS14

Meet the Team: Without the ever-growing list of amazing volunteers below, we would not be anywhere. These people work in their spare time because the love this event and this community. We thank not just them, but their families and coworkers for their commitment. Conference Chairs: Abby Covert Johanna Kollmann Aaron Irizarry Curators: Sandra Lloyd […]

Six Months till San Diego

If you can believe it, Baltimore was almost 6 months ago. That also means we are 6 months from next year’s event, the 15th Annual Information Architecture Summit in San Diego. Below is a bit about what’s been up on our team and the goings-ons thus far in the planning of this beloved conference and […]

Great Talks Start with Great Proposals: An IA Summit Webinar

The IA Summit and User Interface Engineering (UIE) are teaming up to present a free webinar about creating great presentation proposals. Register now Great Talks Start with Great Proposals: An IA Summit Webinar Saturday, September 21, 2pm EDT Learn how to organize proposals in the way the most successful conference creators like to see. Our […]