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Summit 2014 March 26-30 in San Diego

The Path Ahead Lovely San Diego

The Path Ahead

15 Years of IA Summit

In our 15th year, we come together to reflect upon current challenges and opportunities, as well as the rich history of this annual gathering and the conversations it has begun.

It’s a great time for information architecture. Businesses and startups are embracing user experience design. People are being put at the center of design processes. We’re getting strategic about content, and spreading awareness that there’s only one internet behind all these new devices.

How do we make the most of this moment? A moment of opportunity for new designers? Of profound influence for the leaders of our respective disciplines? Of rapid, evolutionary change for all who interact with technology and the web?

The Information Architecture Summit is a place where journeys begin. We invite you to share yours, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Let’s look forward, together, at the path ahead.